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walking on the cold concrete
a complicated urban landscape, laced with crowded streets
people stopping here and there, people rushing everywhere
most of them unaware of the things for which they should care
coming and going, as if each echo was a light slowly dying out
trees, flowers, canopies, scuttering things, fluttering wings never thought about

i sit alone in the fading green
a simple, but dry summer dream
here at the edge
a sparrow flitters, as if by a windowsill
a noisy street lingering in my mind, still

if only winds would come to take this world by storm
if kamikaze gusts were considered as the norm
to come and wipe away, like an etch-a-sketch's sand
the buildings, towers, subway trains, and stores of every brand

i wish i were in a world without the cars
without the cold concrete, and unfeeling steel bars
each way i turn my mind is trapped
an unwanted gift of cold urban scapes, so atrociously wrapped

school can be a mere distraction from important education
the media, a faceted illusion of falsified elation
don't stumble so deep into the path, of lounging around, not pursuing your passions
or maybe you'll lose them, and they will come in rations

instead of cold unfeeling man-made stone
i wish to be in the wild grass, not in a crowd alone
how much less garish would it be to wake up in the warmth of the solar rays
than waking up to mechanical, unnerving beeps, each and every day

in hearing this poem
i do not expect you to like what i've done
i do not expect you to cower or run
but in all truth you should, for with the illusion of an urban reality
we are all better off embracing a baseless normality

my eyes would awaken to the soft sights of reds, blues, and yellows, not harsh, unfeeling fluorescent lights
to break the norms of society is like a Zepyr through the trees
the wind breaks down all thoughts, setting you free
try it now, and you will see
why nature is beautiful, and why you should let it be

now in facing society, and telling it no
all I want in spite of these enticing television shows
is beautiful evenings, alone, or with two
under the sun, now or never, it's up to you
raquelchewies Featured By Owner Mar 12, 2011
i really love the line "walking on the cold concrete
a complicated urban landscape, laced with crowded streets"
Loza-Muse Featured By Owner Mar 11, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
oh wow this real made me stop and think about life, this is amazing, i think it should be shared with the world:) it really has made home in my mind :) great job
Frozenonthesea Featured By Owner Mar 11, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
this really struck me, and played one of the cords of my heart like a violin. I think this is so wonderfully written, and it flows nicely, the stanzas are excellent, and everything is meaningful. I really enjoyed reading this, for it so good.
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March 10, 2011
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